Pizza Plus

4 Lorry Greenberg Dr – (613) 739-7777
Date of order: October 21st, 2009
Cost: $23.11 for an extra large plain pizza

There’s nothing more rewarding than home maintenance. This Wednesday night was no exception when the long-overdue repair of the side door bell was the primary source of the evening’s entertainment. Despite the threat of electrocution, being rained on, and getting those tiny wire ends stuck under our fingernails, we persevered and the door bell was successfully brought back to life. This, of course, was cause for celebration. We scoured the pizza fliers, searching for a local place we hadn’t tried before. Pizza Plus caught our eye, being enthusiastically named and reasonably priced.

After checking their ad in the yellow pages, and hoping to take advantage of their drop-in specials (home improvement isn’t cheap, you know), we sent a Pizza Ottawa representative out to their location just off Conroy Rd. Upon ordering, our daring pizza adventurer was dismayed at finding that their Yellow Pages ad was completely out of date and their prices were at least 20% higher! Not a good start. But our man was ultimately triumphant and returned with an extra-large cheese pizza.

The negativity of the pizza purchase fresh in our minds, we dug into our feast – home renovations made us famished. All would be forgiven if Pizza Plus delivered on its promise. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The crust was thick at the edges but thin in the middle, barely able to hold up the thick slab of greasy cheese on top. The crust was chewy like a bun, but didn’t have that crispy crunch that we like at the ends. The sauce was bland, but not horrible. All in all, it was a perfect example of ‘utility pizza’, not bad but not special either – it’s just unfortunate that it wasn’t priced accordingly.