eZpZ Pizza

437 Sunnyside Avenue – 613-421-6011
Date of Order: July 4th, 2011

To Ottawa pizza connoisseurs, the corner of Sunnyside and Seneca in Old Ottawa South is a local landmark. For years it was anchored by Fida’s and Sunnyside Pizza. We imagined that they had a Capulet/Montague-type relationship (easily won by Fida’s, it should be said) and the competing businesses always offered choice to hungry Carleton students. These days, the intersection houses one of Ottawa’s many Milano pizzerias and the “new guy” on the block, eZpZ Pizza. (We say new, but they’ve been in business a couple of years already, so they must be doing something right…)

On this day, we decided to pop in for some pick up (walk-in specials are the budget-conscious pizza lover’s best friend!) and we got our large plain pie for $10.40, taxes in.

We quickly whisked the pizza home and dug in while it was still nice and hot. The pizza was aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, nicely cooked crust and melted, browned cheese. The crust was fairly thin but still supple. It was crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and had a distinct, slightly sweet flavour. One reviewer found it to be a little dry but the others felt that it was just right.

Moving on, the sauce was a strength. It had a nice consistency with a good balance of tomato and oregano and a little bit of ‘zing’. Definitely one of the better sauces we’ve tried.

The cheese was in good amount and had a nice sharp flavour. It was a little crispy and a little chewy, which was a good complement to the crust.

All in all, it’s comforting to know that the corner of Sunnyside and Seneca continues to be well-served by a healthy pizza rivalry. We definitely recommend eZpZ Pizza to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.